Port au Choix

Port aux Choix is up the west coast from Gros Morne and we had booked an okay motel to stay overnight.  We got the room next to the one with the 3 burly biker guys, but I guess they were so tired out that they didn't keep us up.

Port au Choix was more interesting than we expected.  It is situated on an isthmus and, since you could approach it from either side, I guess its name derived from that.  We managed a good seafood dinner at the motel restaurant and went for an exploratory walk.

Natives have inhabited this area for a long time.  There was an early type of native here (now no longer) at the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt.
From a small local museum describing the very early natives.
Someone has done a beautiful job at at making this replica

Richard thinks that these "trees" look like the tree of Gondor
Marked off is an archeological dig site.

And so on to the next thing.  As we left breakfast this morning, a woman came running up to Richard asking if he had a twin brother in Moncton, since the supposed brother (a certain Ron) was the spitting image, including mannerisms and manner of dressing!  We pondered for a moment whether R's grandfather may have had a dalliance of which we were unaware.  Anyway, next time we're in Moncton we'll have to keep an eye out.


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