Charmed by Newfoundland

Back in Gros Morne and enchanted by it.  En route to Rocky Harbour, we stopped at the Arches, a kind of mini-perce.  Newlyweds having their picture taken was an unexpected treat.


Yesterday, we took a boat tour from Western Brook Pond.  You walk in 3 km and the boat then takes you through a 'fiord'.  Fiord is in quotation marks because it isn't a true fiord, although it used to be.  Over time, the water became cut off from the sea and now it is fresh water, the pond being deep and clean.

Our boat is on the right.

Waterfalls and crevasses.  

In the spring, the caribou climb down one side, go across the ice, and climb up to a plateau on the other side where they give birth.

The pond is filled only with snow-melt and rain.  Very little water enters and only a small brook empties this 300 m deep lake (it seems that all of the freshwater lakes are all called ponds here, even if they are large).

Our guide regaled us with songs on the way back, grabbing unsuspecting tourists to take part.  The jigs were rollicking and he played the spoons well.

A short excursion up to the lighthouse at Lobster Cove Head near Rocky Harbour.

The codes for the flags were explained on a sign.  They spell out 'nippers'.

And then down to Norris point in nearby Bonne Bay where a Norwegian (we think) tourist ship was just starting to leave port.

Probably a root cellar but we like to think of it as a Hobbit's home.


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