To L'anse aux Meadows

It is not difficult to convince Richard to continue on the Viking trail all the way to L'anse aux Meadows since he fancies himself a son of Henrik with a Viking heart.  En route -- an amazing drive along the coast of the Strait of Belle Isle.

Can you tell which was the prevailing winds blow?

Wonderful partridge berry and bake-apple tea.
This is as far as the road goes. To the left is the straight of Belle Isle, ahead is the Atlantic Ocean.
It was a lot of driving today but quite worth it to finally see the historic site of the discovery of North America by 'Europeans'. The site was really well done, with knowledgeable actors in period garb depicting an extraordinary time, 1000 years ago.

 A reconstruction, but the imprints of the original buildings nearby are quite clearly seen.

This fellow was making a bowl out of wood.  There is a primitive useable lathe behind him.
The child was happily smashing bits of coal.
This is only the second time in 1000 years that iron is being formed and forged in the same  manner as was originally done by the Vikings.  And this was the first site in North America where iron was made.
It was cozy and warm inside the long house.
Well okay I guess he is a Viking of sorts.
Loved this sculpture.
Judith examines the quality of the workmanship.
Just like the sweet commercial that we enjoyed seeing before coming.

Model in Visitor's centre.

And so to the B&B at Flower's Cove.

View from our bedroom window.

Tomorrow -- to Labrador!


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